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Posted on January 3, 2017
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One of the most surprising things about Christmas and New Year in Scotland is that Christmas was not celebrated as a festival and was virtually banned in Scotland for 400 years, from the end of the 17th Century to the 1950s. The reason for this dates back to the years of Protestant Reformation, when the straight-laced Kirk proclaimed Christmas as a Popish or Catholic feast and as such needed banning. In fact Christmas Day was not declared a public holiday until 1954 and Boxing Day became a public holiday in 1974, so at the time of the story there

Christmas in the Netherlands

Posted on December 6, 2016
Category: Musings

Hello everybody, I haven’t written any blogs for two years because my father died in January 2014 and then I moved house. I have now written another book called “The Anstruther Lass” a historical romance set in Dundee in 1865 and so I decide to start writing blogs again to promote the book. As it is nearly Christmas and the hero in the book is a Dutchman, I did some research about Christmas in the Netherlands and I thought you might all like to hear about it. So here goes: For a start, the most important day during December is

SPEECH FOR LADIES NIGHT Hello everyone, Well it’s that time of year again and you’ve got me again.  Christmastime Some people love it and some hate it.  One of the problems is buying presents for people. Now us girls always think it’s difficult to find something for our men but I think men have an even more difficult time thinking of something that their partner would appreciate. I know it’s ladies night but it’s in our nature to be kind and feel empathy for our partners so here’s a little story especially for the men.  A man on his

Thank the guest of honour (For gods sake Vivien find out what the bloody hell his name is before you sit down for dinner!!)Say how interesting his speech was etc etc Do you believe in Father Christmas? (Someone is bound to say yes so adlib say your weren’t supposed to say that, there’s always one isn’t there? Well you believe if you want to it’s a nice thing to believe in. Just like when George Osbourne says…. Go back to speech) No of course you don’t, but it would be a nice thing to believe in. Do you believe

A picture of Stella

Posted on October 11, 2012
Category: Musings

A picture of Stella Stella Serck-Roche was a beautiful woman, even at 99 yrs old.  I remember that I took her to buy a watch at a jewellers in Blachington Road Hove. It’s run by an old chap and is an Aladdin’s cave.  Anyway Stella had a lovely time chatting to the jeweller and chose a watch. At the time she had her leg bandaged as she had a thin skin   condition and as the wife of the jeweller also had the same condition and had a bandage of her leg she came round from the back of the shop

European Sewer Tours

Posted on October 5, 2012
Category: Musings

From: Edward Keogh <> Subject: Sewer Tours To: Date: Friday, 5 October, 2012, 16:05 Other Sewer Tours, European and British:After posting my blog a friend sent me this information about European sewer tours.  Here is the link and the info he sent      Want to to take a European Sewer Tour? It’s simple, fun, inexpensive, and smelly! Here’s how… PARIS Visit des Egouts de Paris Entrance: Ticket kiosk at the south end of the Pont de l’Alma, opposite 93 Quai d’ OrsayHours: Saturday to Wednesday from 11AM to 5PM in the Summer, 4 PM in the winter (closed for

Brighton Sewers

Posted on October 4, 2012
Category: Musings

Brighton Sewers I first went on the Brighton Sewer tour when I was 18 yrs old.  Varndean Grammar School arranged it after we had completed our A levels. We were all in high spirits and we found it very exciting and exhilarating especially when we exited through the manhole in Steine Gardens.  I went on another tour in 2003 and enjoyed it just as much and it gave me the idea for the start of my book, “The Grail of the Unicorn Planet. Brighton’s Victorian sewers were built in 1860 and they were so well designed that they are still

Plenty of legroom

Posted on September 26, 2012
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Plenty of legroom I read a letter in the Times yesterday Tuesday 25th September, about Igor Sikorsky, the subject of my last blog.  So I thought I would post it. Sir – the suggestion that Vladimir Putin’s presidential airliner should include a “patio” (Celebrity Watch, Times3, Sept 20 has historical precedence. The outsize aircraft built by the Russian aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky in 1913-14 variously featured an “observation balcony” and a “promenade deck” in which members of the Tsar’s suite were famously photographed enjoying an in-flight stroll.   Christy Campbell London SW17

In my first book, “The Skimming Stone”, Archie and Ally time travel back to the Second World War, meet Jazz, a Spitfire pilot and witness a dogfight and a victory roll. This spiked my curiosity about aviation and how it all began so I turned to the Internet and this is what I found. Do you know when the first airplane made a flight? I may surprise you to know that it was back in 1903, on the 17th of December to be precise, Orville Wright made the first flight of 120 feet at about 10 feet from the ground

The Grail of the unicorn Planet is now on Kindle

Posted on August 21, 2012
Category: Musings

  The Grail of the unicorn Planet is now on Kindle and can be downloaded or borrowed. Please use this link Read it and let me know what you liked about the book.