The Skimming Stone and the Grail of the Unicorn Planet by Vivien Carmichael both capture your imagination in their first chapters and before long you feel that you are Archie Dixon’s friend, especially as his character grows throughout the story.

Leading up to the events that involve Archie, and his sister Ally, there is a definite feeling of exhilaration as you become involved in the unfolding of the different mysteries in each book.

Archie has some very special friends with magical powers and as these are used, the reader is encouraged to believe in good and not evil, and there is without doubt evil lurking round corners and in the atmosphere.

Vivien’s own ‘magic’ projects you from one chapter to the next and the stories are so compelling that before you know it you have come to the end of their children’s adventures.


Pamela Batterton (Artist)

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