The Grail of the Unicorn Planet

The Grail of the Unicorn Planet

In the sequel to the Skimming Stone, the immortal wizard Signet is showing the children the underground temple he guards and the connecting passage to the old Victorian sewers of Brighton, when a unicorn named Aloric materialises and asks for Signet’s help.

Archie, Ally and their friend Zonah, are sucked into a whirlpool of intrigue, magic, space travel and danger in the amazing story The Grail of the Unicorn Planet: An Archie Dixon novel.

Signet tells the children about the Unicorn’s home on the planet Altair, where all the mythical creatures of this world live.  The highly advanced creatures co-exist harmoniously in their different tribes and visit other planets.  The creatures can mix freely with inhabitants of advanced planets, but on primitive planets such as Earth, they remain hidden or disguised. occaisionally they are seen, thus creating human myths.

The Altairians are dying from an unknown disease, so Signet goes off with Aloric to help them, using hyper-space travel.  The children, left behind in the sewers, decide to explore. They overhear a plan to steal Faberge eggs from a bank by tunneling through the sewers, and then almost bump into the evil Vastator, realising that he is behind the mysterious plague on Altair.

Will good triumph?

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