The Skimming Stone

The Skimming Stone

The skimming stone follows two children as they accidentally tumble into a web of intrigue, mystery and magic. Archie and Ally Dixon and their cat Charlie, are recruited by signet, a good wizard who has time-travel powers and sends then back in time to the second world war.

With the aid of the magical skimming stone, Archie and Ally have to solve a mystery and put things right. The children experience a taste of life in the second world war, meet various interesting characters, witness a spitfire dogfight in the skies, and become novice practitioners of magic.

Unfortunately the malevolent Vastator is also around and his disruptive influence causes complications. The children face a race against time to fit together the pieces of the puzzle in order to reach the allotted window to return to home and safety. The final battle finds the two children with the magical skimming stone facing two desperate criminals and Vastator in a battle of wills.

Will good overcome evil?

What can possibly stop Vastator?

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